The First Father

The Bible tells us about Adam. He was the first man in the world. Adam was also the first father. We can read about Adam in the first three chapters of Genesis. Adam was not born. God created him. Genesis 1:27b says, “God made people as a copy of himself.” That is wonderful! Adam, who was the first father, represented God on this earth.
But God also created Adam to be able to choose to obey or disobey God and to love or ignore God. Genesis teaches us that Adam did not obey all of God’s commands. Adam chose to disobey God. Because of that, sin and death came into the world. Adam’s sin affected him. His sin affected all the people who have ever lived on the earth. We should remember that sometimes our sin will affect other people, too.
We should learn another lesson from Adam’s mistake. We can learn that we should always obey God. And, we should show our children and grandchildren how to obey God.