The Good Shepherd

When my mother was young, she worked with a shepherd on a farm. The shepherd taught my mom many things about taking care of sheep.
One day my mom found a lamb. The lamb’s mother had died. My mom knew that the lamb should be taken back to the house where it could be cared for. The shepherd offered to carry the lamb, but my mom insisted on carrying the lamb for two miles back to the house.
Halfway to the farmhouse, it started to rain. The field became muddy. The rain soaked into the lamb’s wool, making the lamb heavier to carry. The shepherd came and helped my mom and the lamb to the house.
Years later, my mom told me this story many times. She always ended the story by saying, “The shepherd helped me save the little lamb.”
In our Bible Reading today, God compared Himself to a shepherd. God is our Good Shepherd. He loves and protects us every day.