The Greatest Gift

Many years ago, I needed a blood transfusion after surgery. The telephone operator in our small town called many people and asked them to donate blood for me. Three people had the same blood type as mine. They gave their blood to help me get well. These people received no money or gifts for their blood. They only received my thanks.
Maybe you are thinking that my blood transfusion and our Bible Reading are strange things to think about on Christmas Day. But they are both very appropriate for this day. God sent Jesus to earth as a baby. Why? So He could grow up and die on the cross. Jesus willingly gave His blood on the cross so that our sins could be forgiven.
Today you can thank Jesus for what He did for you. You can thank Him by giving Him your life. If you are already a Christian, you can remember the promise you made to follow Jesus every day. If you are not a Christian, then today is a good day for you to decide to follow Jesus.
Merry Christmas!