The Heavenly Father

Soon we will celebrate Father’s Day in the United States. For the next few days we will look at what the Bible says about fathers. We should begin by remembering that God is our heavenly Father.
There are only a few verses in the Old Testament that refer to God as a Father (Psalm 103:13, Isaiah 9:6 and Jeremiah 31:9). However, Jesus said several times in Matthew chapters 5 and 6 that God is our Father. Jesus taught His disciples to pray, “Our Father in heaven…” in Matthew 6:9. In Luke 2:49 we read that when Jesus was twelve years old, He said to His earthly parents, Mary and Joseph, “I must be where my Father’s (God’s) work is!”
God is the Creator of the universe. He keeps everything under His control. It is wonderful to remember that God is also a loving Father to all of us.
Maybe your earthly father is no longer alive. Or maybe your father is not the kind of father he should be. You still have a heavenly Father who loves you. God loves you so much that He sent His Son to die for you!