The Holy Spirit

Last year right before Christmas, I went to the post office to buy stamps so I could mail some letters. When I arrived at the post office, I saw a large sign on the door and another sign inside the building. These signs said that there were no stamps in the post office. The post office had other things to sell — boxes, tape, money orders — but no stamps. I couldn’t imagine a post office that didn’t sell stamps!
This experience reminded me of what happens to some Christians. They go to church, do good things, read the Bible and even memorize some verses. But something is missing in their lives. What is missing is the Holy Spirit and His power.
Our Bible verses today encourage us to be filled with the Holy Spirit. When we are filled with God’s Spirit, we will do what God wants us to do. We will encourage other Christians and sing and praise God.
Allow God to fill you with His Spirit. Then live for Him every day.