The Holy Spirit

Elaine started backing out of the parking space. A car was very close to her car, but she thought she had enough room to back out safely. Then Elaine heard a scraping sound and realized that she had hit the other car.
When Elaine looked at the damage, she saw several scratches on the other car. At first she thought, “I will just drive away. The scratches are not very big.” Then Elaine felt the Holy Spirit reminding her that driving away was not the right thing to do. So she wrote her name and phone number on a piece of paper and left it on the other car. Then Elaine called her insurance company and reported the accident. Even though Elaine’s insurance payments might increase, she chose to do the right thing.
It is much easier to ignore a problem instead of doing something about it. And sometimes the Holy Spirit speaks to us and we ignore Him.
I hope you will pay attention to the Holy Spirit today. He will help you make the right choices.