The Jesus Tree

For the past several days we have looked at some Christmas traditions. Today I will tell you about a Christmas tradition that can help you share about Jesus with your friends.
Jesus is called many names in the Bible. I know about a family that decided to set up a Christmas tree. Their decorations were symbols that represented the different names given to Jesus.
In our Bible Reading today, Jesus calls Himself ?the bread that gives life? (verse 35a). So the family put small doughnuts on the tree. Jesus is also called ?a light.? The family hung small flashlights and candles on their tree. Another name for Jesus is ?Lamb of God.? My friends put pictures of tiny lambs on the tree.
When people visited their home and saw the tree, the family told them about Jesus and His wonderful names. This was a great way for them to witness to their non-Christian friends.Maybe you can share a Jesus Tree with your friends this Christmas.