The Kitten*

A half-grown kitten suddenly appeared on our farm. The other cats did not want this kitten to be there. But the new kitten decided to stay. He respected the other cats and did not fight with them. The kitten came to the feeding pan when the other cats came. He lived in the barn close to them. Soon the other cats began to accept the new kitten.
Sometimes we try to tell other people about Jesus. But some of these people do not want to pay attention to us or God’s Word. They think that our faith in God is not important. Maybe these people ignore us and our words/signs. But they watch us to see how we live. If we live a good Christian life, these people will notice that we are different. Then we will be able to teach them about Jesus.
We should not give up telling people about Jesus. Even if they reject God’s Word, we can show them God’s love. Then they can see our faith. This may lead them to accept Jesus as their Savior.