The Last Supper

Two days ago we talked about Jesus eating a special meal with His disciples. This was not an ordinary supper for Jesus. He had many things to tell His disciples as they ate.
In our Bible Reading today, Jesus taught His disciples to remember Him by eating the Lord’s Supper. He taught them about who would be the greatest in His kingdom (Luke 22:24-30). Jesus also showed His disciples how to be servants. He did this by washing their feet (John 13:1-20).
But the disciples were shocked when Jesus said that someone eating at that table would betray Him. When this happened, Jesus gave us an example of how we should love other people. Jesus knew that soon Judas would hand Him over to the Jewish leaders to be killed. But Jesus did not become angry with Judas. He did not call him names. Jesus showed Judas that He still loved Him.
Maybe someone will tell lies about you or hurt you. Will you show love to that person like Jesus showed love to Judas?