The Leaning Tree

Our neighbors had a large spruce tree in their yard. Last year they dug up the tree and moved it to another place in their yard. But soon after the tree was replanted, we had some very strong winds. The tree started to lean and did not stand straight any more.

Why did the tree start to lean? Because the winds blew before the tree’s root system was firmly planted in the ground. The tree had no support system to hold it straight. So finally my neighbors decided to attach ropes to the trunk of the tree. Then they fastened these ropes to stakes in the ground.

Sometimes people are like that tree. They do not have a strong faith. These people do not read the Bible, pray or obey God’s commands. They are like the leaning tree. Because they do not have a relationship with God, they move away from God. In our Bible verses today, Paul reminds us to stand strong. We can be like a tree that stands tall and straight.