The Light

I like to look at a full moon on a clear night. I can clearly see the many craters on the surface of the moon. Sometimes a full moon is so bright that I can almost drive without headlights.
The sun gives off a very bright light. The millions of other stars in the universe also give off light. But the moon does not give off any light of its own. The moon only reflects the light from the sun.
In our Bible Reading today, Jesus called Himself “the light.” In these verses, Jesus told us to trust Him and walk in His light. We can’t be truly good without Jesus. But if we follow Jesus, we can show His goodness and kindness to other people.
I hope you are a light for your neighbors and co-workers. Can these people see Jesus in your life? If not, try to think and act like Jesus every day. Then you will reflect His light to other people.