The Lighthouse

Imagine that you are in a boat during a terrible storm. The wind is blowing all around you. The waves are tossing the boat. You know that you are near land. But you cannot see land. You know you might crash onto the rocks. Then, through the storm you see a bright light. You know that it is a lighthouse. You feel safe. You know that the lighthouse will warn you about dangerous rocks and shallow water. It will also guide you and your boat safely back home.
Sometimes in life we become scared. We feel like we are in a terrible storm. Jesus is our lighthouse. If we focus on Him, He will warn us about dangers in life. If we faithfully follow Him, He will guide us safely through our problems.
Our Bible Reading today is about Jesus and Peter walking on the water. Peter stopped looking at Jesus, his lighthouse. Then Peter started to sink. But Jesus reached out and saved him. It is the same in our lives. When we face troubles, we need to keep our eyes on Jesus. He will be our lighthouse and take care of us.