The Lookout

Often I can see Florida sandhill cranes in my yard. They stand about three to four feet tall. Both the males and females have bright red feathers on their foreheads.
These cranes eat seeds from our feeders and small bugs they find in the lawn. I have noticed that while one crane eats, another crane is always looking around. I call the crane who looks around the “lookout.” The lookout is always looking for danger or enemies.
The lookout crane reminds me of God. In verse 5 of our Bible Reading, David said, “I can lie down and rest, and I know I will wake up. Why? Because the Lord covers and protects me!” God is my lookout! He sees everything and watches over me, no matter where I am.
God watches over me because He loves me. He warns me about dangers such as selfishness, jealousy and greed. God wants to be your lookout today. Trust Him to save you and keep you safe from spiritual dangers.