The Lord is Good!

I wheeled my wheelchair outside into the snowy morning. I was feeling sad and lonely. I wanted to get out of my wheelchair and run in the snow!
Cardinals and blue jays flew from tree to tree. As I watched the birds fly, it started snowing — the biggest flakes I had ever seen. Suddenly I felt like a child again. I thanked God for His wonderful creation. Then I saw the candle flicker in the window of my house. That reminded me of the warmth inside my home.
As I pushed my wheelchair inside the house, I felt better. I felt as if God was saying, “Thank you for enjoying my creation this morning. You are one of my special creations.”
That morning I felt like the writer of Psalm 100. “Earth, sing to the Lord! Be happy as you serve the Lord! Come before the Lord with happy songs! Know that the Lord is God” (verses 1-3a). God gave me hope that morning.
God will give you hope today, too. Take time to thank Him and praise Him for all he has done!