The Lord’s Supper

The night before Jesus died, He ate the Passover meal with His disciples. The Jews ate this special meal to remember that God freed them from slavery in Egypt.
During this meal, Jesus talked about two things: bread and wine. Jesus took some bread and thanked God for it. Then He divided the bread among His disciples. Jesus said (verse 19b), “This bread is my body that I am giving for you. Eat this to remember me.” Jesus was talking about what would happen the next day. Jesus knew that He would die on the cross.
Then Jesus took the cup of wine. He said (verse 20b), “This wine shows the new agreement from God to his people. This new agreement begins with my blood (death) that I am giving for you.” Jesus was talking about the blood that would come from His body while He was on the cross.
Jesus told His disciples to eat the bread and drink the wine to remember Him – just like the Jews ate the Passover meal to remember what God had done for them. I hope that when you eat the Lord’s Supper, you will remember what Jesus did for you.