The Lord’s Supper

In our Bible Reading today, we read that Jesus and His disciples ate the Passover meal. This was a special time for them to remember that God freed the Jews from slavery in Egypt. These verses talk about two things that were part of the Passover meal ? bread and wine.
Jesus said that the bread was His body (verse 19). He said in verse 20 that the wine showed, “…the new covenant from God to his people. This new agreement begins with my blood (death) that I am giving for you.” When Jesus said these words, He knew that the next day He would be crucified on the cross. He knew that He would have to die as the punishment for our sins.
Today people all around the world share the Lord’s Supper to remember Jesus’ death. When you eat the Lord’s Supper, think about what Jesus did for you. Thank Him for Jesus’ death on the cross. Ask God to forgive your sins. And think about how wonderful it will be to live forever with Him!