The Only Way

Suppose you would gather the world’s greatest swimmers and tell them to swim from New Jersey to England, a distance of about 3,000 miles.
Many of the swimmers would probably swim quite far. But eventually all of them would quit or drown. Those who gave up closer to England swam farther, but they still did not reach their goal. But what if some of the swimmers got on a rescue ship that took them to England? They did not complete the trip on their own, but they did reach their goal.
When we are sinners, we are separated from God, like the big ocean that separates America from England. We can try to get close to God, but we will never be able to do it alone. Jesus is our rescue ship — our Savior. The only way to have a right relationship with God is through Jesus. Verse 13 of our Bible Reading reminds us that “everyone who trusts in the Lord will be saved.”
I hope you are trusting in Jesus today.