The Party

Imagine that you are planning a really great party. You have sent invitations to all your friends, bought lots of food and finished decorating. Then you find out that none of your friends are coming to your party. What would you do? Cancel the party? No way! Instead of canceling the party you go into your neighborhood and invite everyone you see. You fill your house with guests and have a great time!

The people who did not accept your invitation are not really your friends. Those people who came to your party are your true friends. It is the same with God and people in the world. God has invited everyone to His great party in heaven. That will be a wonderful party that will last forever.

Jesus told His followers about that great party. In Matthew 22:14 he shared the sad truth about that party. “Yes, many people are invited. But only a few are chosen.” God wants everyone in the world to accept His offer of salvation. But only a few people will truly live for Him.

God has invited you to His great party in heaven. It will happen when Jesus comes back to earth. That could happen any day! I hope you have accepted God’s invitation to live forever with Him.