The Passover

We have learned that God’s people, the Israelites, were slaves in Egypt. Moses told Pharaoh to free the Israelites, but he refused. Then we learned about the ten terrible plagues that happened to the Egyptian people. The last plague was that the firstborn sons in Egypt died.

Before this last plague, Moses explained to the Israelites what would happen. He told them to prepare a special meal called the Passover. In Exodus 12:26-27, Moses told the Israelites that this meal would help them remember what God had done for them. “When your children ask you, ‘Why are we doing this ceremony?’ you will say, ‘This Passover is to honor the Lord, because when we were in Egypt, he passed over the houses of Israel. He killed the Egyptians, but he saved the people in our houses.’”

God wanted His people to always remember the special things He had done for them. God has not rescued us from slavery in Egypt. But He has forgiven our sins and given us salvation through Jesus. The Israelites celebrated the Passover every year to help them remember. In the same way, we should always remember what God has done for us and give Him thanks.

Take time today to praise God and thank Him for salvation through His Son, Jesus!