The Peach Tree

A peach tree started growing among my flowers. My husband wanted to cut it down because it was growing in the wrong place. Finally, my husband said, ?If the tree does not have any peaches this year, I will cut it down!?
During the spring, white blossoms appeared on the peach tree. I was so excited to see what kind of peaches would grow. My husband predicted that the peaches would be small and tasteless.
Soon peaches appeared, and they grew large and ripened. One day I picked a peach and ate it. It was so sweet and delicious! My husband changed his mind. He decided to keep the peach tree.
Our Bible Reading reminds us that we should be making ?good fruit? in our lives. This means that we should be doing and saying/signing good things. Then God will be happy.
Look for ways to make ?good fruit? today.