The Perfect Woman

A year ago today, my friend, Peggy, died. She was a wonderful Christian woman. I knew Peggy for more than 30 years.
Peggy did many things for people. I especially remember that she was a great encouragement to me about this devotion book. Peggy read the devotions every day, and she told me when a devotion or a series of devotions touched her life. I miss her a lot!
Our Bible Reading today talks about “the perfect woman.” There are no perfect women – all people have sinned (Romans 3:23). But these verses list good qualities that every woman should want to have. Many of these qualities remind me of Peggy. At her funeral, relatives and friends talked about how she served God and her family all her life.
Peggy is gone now. I can’t talk to her face to face. I can’t laugh with her or see her smile. But I can still learn from her life. I can try to be like her and have those same good qualities in my life.
I thank God for Peggy and her friendship. I hope that you have a Christian friend who will help you be a stronger Christian, too.