The Right Attitude

When we talk to God, we need to make sure we have the right attitude. Maybe you enjoy praying in front of people because it makes you feel ?more holy.? Or maybe you like people to see you pray because those people will think you are a good Christian.
When some people pray in front of other people, they use lots of words or signs so people will think it is a good prayer. These people think God will pay attention if they use lots of fancy words and signs when they pray.
Jesus taught that all of those things are wrong attitudes to have about praying. We should not pray so other people will respect us or so God will respect us. We should pray to God because it gives us a chance to talk to Him. When we pray, we can share with God how we feel about things. And, prayer helps us become stronger Christians.
When we pray, we need to be humble and honest. Read Luke 18:9-14. This is another story Jesus told. These verses remind us to have the right attitude when we pray.