The Right Message

In the window of a jewelry store there was a clock. Every day people looked at the clock to see what time it was.
But one day, the clock stopped. Children on their way to school looked at the clock. They thought they had plenty of time to play before school started. People who were going to work also noticed the clock. They stopped to talk with their friends instead of hurrying to work. But all these people were late. Why? Because the time on the clock was wrong. The clock gave a wrong message to the people.
Our Bible Reading today tells us about the time when Jesus left earth and returned to heaven. Jesus told His followers (verse 8b), “You will be my witnesses – you will tell people about me.” These followers shared the right message with other people. Then many more people started following Jesus. We need to have the right message, too. We can find that message in the Bible. Share the Good News about Jesus with someone today.