The Right Path

My home is near a park. Many people come to this park to play, exercise or have picnics. In the park is a special paved path where people can walk for exercise. People can walk on the street, too. But most walkers walk on the path. Why? Because they know if they follow the path, they will not get lost. Also, the walkers know that the path is a safe place to walk.
Our Bible Reading today talks about following God. Verses 1 and 2 say, “People living pure lives are happy. Those people follow the Lord’s teachings. People who obey the Lord’s Agreement are happy. They obey the Lord with all their heart.” Following God is like walking. If I do what God wants, then it is like walking on the path in the park. I will not get lost – I know God will lead me in the right way. And, I will be safe – I know God will protect me.
I hope you are following God today. I hope that you can say, “Lord, I will obey your commands” (verse 8a).