The Right Path

When I was a teenager, I was part of a class at my church. One Sunday the teacher asked us, “Who wants to be blessed by God?” We all raised our hands. Then he asked us, “Who wants to think about God’s teachings day and night?” That didn’t sound like much fun, so none of us raised our hands.
That day our teacher encouraged us to memorize Psalm 1. He said that this psalm was about choosing the right friends and staying on the right path in life.
I was in that class about 50 years ago. Back then we had fewer temptations because there were no drug problems, identity theft or Internet pornography. But today we have many bad things happening in the world. We face more temptations. Psalm 1 is even more important today to guide us in choosing the right path.
Take time to study Psalm 1 and be like the “tree planted by a stream” (verse 3a).