The Right Time

For two years, once a month I drove back and forth between two cities in Florida. This was a 500-mile trip.
One time as I was driving on a lonely highway, I noticed some birds sitting in the middle of the road. As my car got closer to the birds, I was sure that I was going to hit them. But suddenly they flew away — not too early and not too late. They flew away just at the right time!
In verse 15 of our Bible Reading, the writer praised God. He said, “Lord, all living things look to you for their food. And you give them their food at the right time.” This shows us that we can depend on God to give us what we need exactly when we need it.
Every day God provides for us. He gives us what is best for us, and He gives it to us at the right time. This means that we should not worry about what we need. We can depend on God to take care of us in His own time.