The Right Way

I went for a walk one winter day. It had been warmer, so I thought the ice along the streets would be gone. Soon I realized that I was wrong. Because I am blind, I could not see the ice. But my guide dog helped me walk around some slippery places.
Then we reached a big patch of ice. I thought I knew which direction I was walking, but I slipped and became disoriented. I told my dog what to do, but I was pointing him in the wrong way. A kind neighbor came and helped us get on the right path.
That experience made me think about how we sometimes go the wrong way in our lives. Other people’s advice may seem good. But it may not be what God wants us to do. We may think we are doing right, but we are really not following God.
Jesus reminds us in our Bible Reading today that He is the only right way in life. Follow Him, and He will lead you to blessings on earth and eternal life in heaven.