The Same*

I saw an advertisement in a newspaper. This ad asked, “How are these people the same? ? A) A blacksmith in Oregon; 2) A scientist in the West; 3) A newspaper editor in the East?”
Do you know how these people are the same? The answer is that they all have a toll-free phone number. You can call all three of these people without paying for the phone call.
Christians are not all the same. Some Christians are farmers, teachers, janitors, secretaries, doctors or lawyers. Some are poor, and some are rich. But in one way, Christians are all the same. All Christians are saved by God’s grace and the blood of Jesus.
Another way that Christians are the same is that they can talk to God. They can ask for help, thank Him or just talk to Him. It is like having a toll-free phone number. You can talk to God any time, and you don’t have to pay for it!