The Second Day

When God created the earth on the first day, there was only water. The earth did not have a shape. So, on the second day God gave a shape to the earth. He made the earth into a sphere — like a ball. Then He made air around the sphere of water. This air was called “sky.” Genesis 1:7 tells us about this. “So God made the space and separated the water. Some of the water was above it, and some of the water was below it.”

Some people who study the Bible believe that verse 7 means that there was a special layer of water or ice that surrounded the sky. They call this layer a “canopy.” These people believe that this canopy protected the earth from some of the radiation of the sun. They also believe that the canopy helped make it easier for animals and plants
to grow. Why? Because the canopy created pressure on the air. These people also think that later, when God flooded the earth in Noah’s time, He caused the canopy to fall as rain. Today there is no canopy of water around the earth. Our water is in the clouds and rain and snow.

We truly have a wonderful God! He made our world and continues to control it today. Thank God for His faithfulness and love.