The Secret Truth

Many people like to read mystery stories. These people like to find out the secrets in the stories.
Did you know that the Bible has a mystery story, too? In our Bible Reading today, Paul talked about the secret truth that God had showed him. This secret truth was that God’s plan of salvation was for both Gentiles (non-Jews) and Jews.

For many years, God kept His plan a secret. Then He sent Jesus to the earth to die for all people. Verse 6 says, “This is that secret truth: that the non-Jews will get the things God has for his people, the same as the Jews.” This means that God offers salvation through Jesus to all people in the world.
No matter what color skin you have or where you live, God wants you to be one of His children. God doesn’t want you to suffer the punishment for your sins. He wants you to be part of His special family.
Share this secret truth with people you meet today.