The Spider

When I moved into my apartment, I noticed a spider in my bedroom window. This little spider was between the glass and the screen. I watched the spider for many days. He would climb up the screen and then fall back to the bottom of the window. Many times he fell down, but he always climbed back up the screen again.
This spider is like our Christian lives. We learn about Jesus and accept Him as our Savior. Jesus forgives our sins and makes us a new person. Then we face temptations. As a new Christian, we are weak. We fall down (sin). But we need to always get up again and continue to follow Jesus. We need to keep looking at the goal of eternal life.
Our Bible Reading compares the Christian life to a race. The writer says that we should not give up. We should think about Jesus and follow His example. When we sin, we should be patient and try again.
You will face temptations today. You will probably sin. Be like the spider in my window – don’t give up!