The Spirit Gives. . .

My friend will have a baby soon. Recently some family members gave her a baby shower (party). My friend received some very nice gifts — clothes for the baby, diapers, a stroller and some baby toys. These are things that she will need to take care of her baby.
When people become Christians, they are like babies. They are just beginning their new life in Jesus. New Christians need to grow and learn more about God and His Word, the Bible. The Holy Spirit gives Christians what they will need to grow spiritually. These things are listed in verses 22 and 23 of our Bible Reading today.
The first few verses of our Bible Reading list sinful things that we should not do. Instead of doing these bad things, we should develop the things that the Holy Spirit gives us. For the next few days we will look closely at what He gives us.
Pay close attention to these verses from Galatians today. Make sure that you are showing these attitudes in your life.