The Spirit Helps Us

I was at a miniature golf course with my twin four-year-old daughters. They were hitting the golf balls everywhere except near the hole. They were not physically mature enough to hold the club and swing it with coordination.
So I stood behind each daughter, leaned down and held their wrists. Then we swung the club together. We watched the ball curve across the green, bounce off the board and land near the hole. Each time my daughters shouted, “Look what I did!”
Sometimes as Christians we try to do everything alone, and then things do not turn out right. Our Bible Reading today reminds us that when we ask the Holy Spirit to help us, we are able to do so much more. We know where our strength comes from, and we can say, “Look what God did!”
Remember that God uses our weaknesses to show us His power and glory. Depend on God’s Spirit to help you today.