The Spirit Today

In the days of the Old Testament, God gave His Holy Spirit to certain people for special purposes. Sometimes He gave wisdom to solve problems or do special tasks. Sometimes the Spirit gave power to lead Israel or fight against their enemies. Sometimes He gave signs that God approved of someone. And sometimes the Holy Spirit inspired prophets to give us God’s messages.
But after Jesus paid the price for our sins through His death, burial and resurrection, God changed the way He used His Spirit. Now, because Jesus cleanses us from our sins, God sends His Spirit to live in us. So the Spirit makes us able to live the way God wants us to live because He is with us every day.
The Holy Spirit 1) teaches us about sin, 2) helps us understand God’s Word (the Bible) and God’s will, 3) gives us special gifts we can use to serve God, 4) helps us have a right attitude, and 5) works as a direct connection between us and God.
Praise God for saving us through Jesus, and for sending us His Spirit!