The Splinter

Recently I was helping my husband with a building project. I carried pieces of wood and stacked them. Later that evening I noticed that I had a spinter of wood in my finger.
The splinter was very small, and I had a hard time getting it out. I thought that I had removed all of the splinter. But a couple of days later, I noticed that my finger was red, and it started to hurt. I found a tiny piece of wood under my skin. That time I made sure I removed all the splinter.
Our Bible Reading reminds us that as Christians, we cannot continue to sin. “You know that Christ came to take away people’s sins. There is no sin in Christ” (verse 5). We need to find the sins in our lives and remove them. If not, these sins will grow and hurt our relationship with God.
Examine your life today. Ask God to forgive your sins and help you live a pure life for Him.