The Street Light

There is a lake behind my house. On the other side of the lake there is a street light. Every night the street light comes on. When I sit on my patio in the evening, I notice that light. At first it looks like a star. As the sky becomes darker, the light looks like a cross.
God has used that light to remind me of some very important things. When the light looks like a star, I am reminded of the star that led the wise men to find baby Jesus. The wise men were excited to see Jesus. I should be excited to know about Jesus, too.
When the light looks like a cross, that makes me think about Jesus dying on the cross for my sins. When I see the cross, I remember that I must keep obeying God.
Our lives are full of problems and challenges. We need to remember what Jesus said in verse 12b of our Bible Reading, “I am the light of the world. The person that follows me will never live in darkness.”
Remember to always follow the light of Jesus. Then you will have “the light that gives life” (verse 12b).