The Things We Need

Jesus taught us to pray and ask God for the things we need each day. In Jesus? prayer, He asked for ?the food that we need each day? (verse 11).
Notice that Jesus did not ask for a lot in His prayer. He didn?t ask for a big, fancy meal. He asked for just enough food so He could stay alive for another day! Later, Jesus taught that we do not need to worry about things like food and clothing. Jesus said in Matthew 6:25a, ?So I tell you, don?t worry about the food you need to live. And don?t worry about the clothes you need for your body.? God knows what we need. He will give us those things.
We can learn from these things that we need to trust God completely. Also, God expects us to ask Him for these things when we pray. When you pray, trust that God will give you the things you need to live. And, when you ask Him for things, think about these questions: Do I really need these things? And, are these things what God wants me to have?