The Wrong Way

I am a member of a small congregation. At our last Christmas program, some of the smaller children were dressed as lambs. An adult, dressed as a shepherd, carried a one-year-old child dressed as a lamb. Another lamb was two-year-old Brett. He was a good lamb, but several times during the program this little lamb went the wrong way and wandered out into the audience.
Brett reminds me of some Christians today. Just as Brett went the wrong way, these Christians wander away from God and out into the world full of sin. In verse 25 of our Bible Reading today, Peter says, “You were like sheep that went the wrong way. But now you have come back to the Shepherd and Protector of your lives.”
Jesus is our Shepherd and Protector. He wants us to make the right choices. But sometimes we go the wrong way. Jesus is always watching us and wants us to ask Him for forgiveness. Be sure that you are going the right way today. Let Jesus lead and protect you.