Think Like Jesus

Everything we experience enters our minds. The things we see or read are the things we think about. When we think about bad things, God is not happy with us. But when we think about good things, God is pleased with us.

As Christians, we should only think about things that please God. In Philippians, chapter 2, Paul teaches us to think about things like encouragement, love, comfort, mercy and kindness. We should not be selfish and only want to please ourselves. Paul sums up what we should do in Philippians 2:5. “In your life together, think the way Christ Jesus thought.”

What does that verse mean? How did Jesus think? Jesus thought about what God wanted Him to do. Jesus thought about serving God instead of serving Himself. Jesus was always thinking about other people. The things Jesus thought about pleased God.

What will your thoughts be like today? Will they make God happy or sad? Try to think about things that are good and right and pure. Then God will be pleased with you.