Thinking Place

I have a special place where I can be alone and think. Maybe you have a thinking place, too. When I have had a bad day at work or just want some quiet time, I go to my special thinking place.
My special place is out in the woods. There I can be alone, watch the animals and think about all the beautiful things God has made.
I also like to go to my special place when I need to make a difficult decision. In our Bible Reading for today, we learn that the night before Jesus chose His twelve apostles, He “went out to a mountain to pray. He stayed there all night praying to God” (verse 12b).
I go to my thinking place because I want to be alone. But I know that I am not really alone — God is always with me. He helps me think clearly and reminds me that He will guide me.
I encourage you to find a special place today and meet with God.