Sometimes I become very thirsty. I remember when I was waking up after surgery. I had a terrible taste in my mouth. And I felt like my mouth was full of cotton balls. I begged the nurse for some water. She gave me a small piece of crushed ice. It was wonderful!
In verse 1 of this psalm, David says, “God, you are my God. And I want you so much. My soul and body thirst for you, like a dry, weary land with no water.” I think I understand what David is talking about. Recently the place where I live experienced a time of no rain. The ground became dry and cracked. The grass was brown and ugly. Many plants died.
Without God, my life is dry and ugly — just like the earth with no rain. So I need to “water” my life every day by reading the Bible. I also need to talk with God and learn His plan for my life.
Are you thirsty for God? He wants you to talk to Him and learn from His Word today.