Three in One (1)

Sometimes when I go to a deaf awareness fair, I see many religious groups. Each group sets up a table to advertise what they believe. But often I notice that some of these groups teach things that do not agree with the Bible.
Some of these religious groups argue about the Trinity. The word Trinity means that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are united ? three in one. Some people say that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are not one.
Our Bible Reading today helps us understand about the Trinity. Verses 3 and 4 say, ?Peter said, ?Ananias, why did you let Satan (the devil) rule your heart? You lied and tried to deceive (fool) the Holy Spirit…You lied to God, not to us men.?? These verses show us that God and the Holy Spirit are one together.
The Holy Spirit is called by several names in the New Testament: Helper (John 16:7), Spirit of truth (John 16:12) and Spirit of the Lord (Acts 5:9).
Thank God today for the Holy Spirit who is our helper and comforter.