Three in One (3)

One day someone called me on my TTY. The person invited me to his Bible study. I asked some questions about his church. He told me that the people in his church did not believe in the Trinity. I was sad that these people were not willing to learn the truth about God.
Two days ago we talked about the Holy Spirit. Yesterday we learned about Jesus. The Holy Spirit and Jesus are one with God, the Father. Sometimes this is hard to understand, but we need to trust what the Bible says about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
One of my favorite verses about the Trinity is Genesis 1:26a. ?Then God said, ?Now let?s [let us] make man. We will make people as a copy of ourselves. People will be like us.?? In this verse, God used the words ?us? and ?we? and ?ourselves.? I think God was talking about Himself, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
I hope that you will read the Bible every day. Then you will learn more about the ?Three in One.?