Three Servants

Jesus told a story about a man who traveled to another place. The man told three servants to take care of the things he owned while he was gone. Verse 15b of our Bible Reading says, ?The man gave one servant five bags of money. He gave another servant two bags of money. And he gave a third servant one bag of money.?
After a long time, the man came home. The first servant told the man that he used the five bags of money to earn five bags more. The second servant said he used the two bags of money to earn two more. The man was very pleased with these servants. But the third servant said to the man (verse 25b), ?I went and hid your money in the ground. Here is the one bag of money you gave me.? The man was upset and threw this servant out of his house.
Two of the servants used the money wisely. In the same way, God has given each Christian talents that they can use to help the church. God wants us to use these talents wisely.
I hope that you will be like the first two servants and use your talents for God and His church.