Thunder is an amazing thing. We can experience thunder by feeling its vibrations or hearing its rumble. For many years thunder has been a symbol of great power and authority.

God told Moses that He wanted to meet with the people of Israel. Moses helped the people prepare themselves for this special meeting with God for two days. Then on the third day, God came down to Mount Sinai. Exodus 19:16 describes this event. “On the morning of the third day, a thick cloud came down onto the mountain. There was thunder and lightning and a very loud sound from the trumpet. All the people in the camp were frightened.”

Wow! The mountain was covered with smoke, the trumpet sound became louder and louder and God’s voice was like thunder. That must have been an awesome display of God’s power. God’s power was so great that He told Moses to warn the people to not come too close to the mountain. If they came too close, they would die.

God is very loving and kind. But He is also great and powerful. We can read about God’s power all throughout the Bible. And we can see God’s power today through creation. Take time today to look around you. Think about God’s power and thank Him for everything He has made.