I love thunderstorms. I like to watch lightning spider (flash) across the sky. I like to feel thunder shake the ground. But the best part of thunderstorms is that I feel safe.
Sometimes I am in my house looking out the window at the storm. If it is not raining hard, I may go outside to watch the storm. I could be scared. But I am not scared because I am always close to a shelter. I know that I can run to the safety of my house.
Bad things sometimes happen in my life. Maybe I am sad or hurt. These times are like thunderstorms. I could be scared. But I am not. Why? Because I know that God is my shelter. He will keep me safe.
In our Bible Reading today, the writer says that God is his place of safety. Verses 3 and 4 say, ?God will save you from hidden dangers…You can go to God for protection…God will be like a shield and a wall protecting you.?
When you face ?thunderstorms? in your life, look to God. He will keep you safe.