Tiger Cubs

One time someone gave a missionary in southeast Asia three tiger cubs (babies) to raise. When one cub was tired of playing with the other cubs, he would make a certain sound. Then the other cubs would leave him alone. This sound meant “Don’t bother me!” The missionaries learned that if they made this sound, the tiger cubs would leave them alone.
Years later, some missionaries had to travel through a jungle at night. The missionaries knew a tiger was following them. They remembered the sound they learned from the tiger cubs. The missionaries made that sound, and the tiger went away. The missionaries were thankful they remembered the lesson from the cubs.
In today’s Bible Reading, the devil tried to get Jesus to sin. Jesus had learned the words of the Bible. He used these words to resist the devil. We should be like Jesus. We should learn God’s words from the Bible and remember them. Then, when we are tempted to sin, we can defeat the devil.