The English language has many phrases that use the word time: ?No time.? ?Out of time.? ?Time to go.? ?Save time.?
Many of our activities are related to time. We have to get up in the morning at the right time so we can go to work. We eat our meals at certain times. Maybe we play games that require a fast time to win.
Often we forget that time is running out. We forget that we have a very important job to do ? we must tell other people about Jesus. God wants us to share the Good News with our friends. Then they will become Christians, too.
But sometimes we are too busy to take time to talk about Jesus. We forget about our most important job. In our Bible Reading today, Jesus gave us a command. Verse 19a says, ?So go and make followers of all people in the world.?
Jesus could return today or tomorrow. Time is running out. Use your time today to tell someone about Jesus.