Time with God

Having a devotion time every day is a good way to spend time with God. Your devotion time may include reading the Bible, praying and then paying attention to what God wants you to do.
When should you do devotions? It really doesn’t matter when. But you should not do your devotions when you are sleepy or when you can’t concentrate. You should give God your best time.
For some people, early morning is the best time to spend with God. That is when they are the most alert. Other people do their best work after they have eaten and rested a little. So maybe after lunch is a good time for you. And some people are “night owls.” Their best hours are in the evening. These people should probably spend time with God after dinner or before they go to bed.
When is your best time to spend with God? Ask God to help you choose the right time to spend with Him. And remember verse 17a from our Bible Reading, “Everything you say and everything you do should all be done for Jesus your Lord.”