The book of Titus is a letter that Paul wrote to his friend, Titus. Paul left Titus in Crete to teach the people about Jesus. In this letter, Paul told Titus to teach the people the right way to live.
In verses 1-2 of our Bible Reading, Paul talked about the right way to live. “Tell the people to remember always to do these things: to be under the authority of rulers and government leaders; to obey those leaders and be ready to do good; to speak no evil against any person; to live in peace with other people; to be gentle and polite to all people.”
We should pay attention to Paul’s words, too. We need to show other people that we are different. And we need to show Jesus’ love in our lives. We are witnesses for Jesus because we tell people about Him. But when we are rude or say bad things about people, our witness for Jesus becomes weak. If we want to be good witnesses, we need to follow Paul’s words.
What you do and say today shows if you love Jesus or not. Remember to live like Jesus so that other people can see His love in your life.